Back from San Jose

  • July



    Back from San Jose

    I just returned from the biennial Mennonite Church USA Convention held in San Jose, CA. I had the honor and privilege of speaking to nearly 2000 Mennonites. It was incredible to worship with them and have a chance to share my gratitude for their heritage and contribution to the church. It was stunning and inspiring to see Asian, African, Hispanic, and Anglo Mennonites all worshiping together.

    It has been a very long time since I’ve been swept up emotionally in worship. I was overcome there. The presence of God was palpable, due in large part to the immigrant communities who come from persecuted and oppressed regions of the Global South. I learned about their experience of faith. A faith forged under extreme conditions leading to a powerful and passionate encounter with Jesus– and it was contagious. All I can say is thank you.