The Spirituality of the Cellphone

  • April



    The Spirituality of the Cellphone

    I just returned from teaching at Mars Hill. It was incredible. What amazed me the most was the capacity of that many people (maybe 8,000 all told) to engage a 45 minute teaching on “The Spirituality of the Cellphone.” Mind you, this included material not often found in the pulpit–you know, extensive McLuhan theory, cultural analysis, etc. Who are these people? It says a lot about them and what Rob Bell has helped create. Truly amazing. I was honored and blessed.

    I also did a two hour teaching for the Mars Hill staff on “The Electronic Gospel: Why Changing the Methods Always Changes the Message.” They were a delight, very bright people. Of course, by the end of it all I was spent. I don’t understand how Rob (or anyone else for that matter) does three services at that scale every week. It renewed my appreciation for the simplicity of a single service. Looking forward to the more modest 20 minute sermons I get to do back home.