The Summer of Love

  • February



    The Summer of Love

    Last Spring Rob Bell and I were looking for something we hadn’t done before.  We agreed to do a series on the book of 1 John. A book neither of us had ever preached through before.  Seemed simple enough, but along the way we made a surprising number of discoveries.  It’s a fascinating and at times opaque book.

    We called it the “Summer of Love” series.  The entire series is available for purchase and download here.

    It includes the following teachings:

    1. Beneath the Waves - Shane Hipps
    2. Spoiling the Illusion – Shane Hipps
    3. Guard This – Rob Bell
    4. 1 John 2 – Rob Bell
    5. The Things You Are – Rob Bell
    6. The Art of Abiding – Shane Hipps
    7. Beyond Belief - Shane Hipps
    8. Helicopters and Alicia Keyes – Rob Bell
    9. I Know Johnny – Rob Bell
    10. The Seed – Shane Hipps
    11. Opening your Splachnon – Rob Bell
    12. Knowing is the Flame – Shane Hipps
    13. Testing the Spirits – Rob Bell
    14. The Dune is Heavy - Shane Hipps
    15. Love Makes it Easy – Shane Hipps
    16. Real Simple – Shane Hipps