Less “Goodbye,” More “See You Later”

  • September



    Less “Goodbye,” More “See You Later”

    My last Sunday at Mars Hill as the teaching pastor was August 19th, 2012.

    At the time, none of us knew that would be the last time I would teach (for a while anyway). The following Tuesday the Elders voted to call Kent Dobson as the new Teaching Pastor.  While I was sad to be transitioning out, I was thrilled they chose Kent.

    As many of you know my decision not to apply for the full-time teaching role was a difficult one. However, as soon as the decision was made, it took only a few seconds before my thoughts went to Kent. I was delighted that he got the job.  He and the Elders have my full support. Kent is a friend and I am a fan.  This will be a very good thing for the community.

    I am so honored to have been able to serve in the capacity I did for the time I did.  Few things can rival the gift of people giving their time, attention, and trust to you as a teacher.  I have never taken those gifts for granted.  I hold them in my heart with deep gratitude.  You all loved me and the feeling is entirely mutual.  I will miss you very much.

    For some of you this may seem like a fast transition.  However, you may recall I agreed to serve until a new Teaching Pastor was chosen.  That has now happened.  Kent is ready and the Elders were eager to get him started. The Elders have graciously expressed a hope that I might return at some point as a guest teacher and I will enthusiastically accept that invitation when the time is right.  So in many ways this is less of a “goodbye,” and more of a “see you later.”

    Some of you may be wondering what is next for me. Well I’ve just finished a book which releases October 16th called Selling Water By The River: A Book About the Life Jesus Promised and the Religion that Gets in the Way. I’ve also started the next book after that on what it means to discover and align with our purpose.  That one is due out in spring of 2014. Both are published by my new friends at Jericho.

    In the meantime, my speaking schedule is filling up for the next year and I am working on some leadership development initiatives and workshops for executives, entrepreneurs, artists, pastors, etc.

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