Leadership Podcast

The Third-Way Faith Podcast was recorded in 2006 and 2007. It focused on the challenges that leaders of the church face in a rapidly changing culture. With the help of some of my friends I explored issues of faith, culture, media, technology, and church. The title comes from a simple conviction; In a world weary of polarization between right and left, red and blue, liberal and conservative, there exists a third-way beyond, not just between these positions.

  • Title Time Date Description Download
  • 1.  The Future of Community 15:34 09/25/07 Social networking and true community Free
  • 2.  Understanding Web Rage 14:11 08/06/07 The fall of civil discourse on and off-line Free
  • 3.  The iGeneration 12:36 08/06/07 The rise of narcissism in young people Free
  • 4.  Virtual Community 14:02 08/06/07 Is virtual community and oxymoron? Free
  • 5.  Intimate Anonymity 15:38 07/01/07 The challenge of forming community Free
  • 6.  Empathy at a Distance 12:21 06/25/07 On why we are so numb and exhuasted Free
  • 7.  Nonviolent Conflict 18:30 06/25/07 The challenge of living in close community Free
  • 8.  The Tribe of Individuals (Pt 2) 15:05 06/10/07 The community paradox of electronic culture Free
  • 9.  The Tribe of Individuals (Pt 1) 12:52 06/05/07 The community paradox of electronic culture Free