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About Shane

Shane is an executive coach, sought after speaker, and author of several books, including Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith, which was awarded the best book of 2009 by Relevant Magazine. He is also the Chief Leadership Officer of Aspen Heights, a national multi-family real estate development company based in Austin, TX, where his role is to help people connect with their deepest purpose and activate their highest potential in life and work.

He began his career in advertising as a strategic planner, working brands including Porsche cars, among others. Prior to Joining Aspen Heights, Shane served as a pastor for nearly a decade. Most recently he was the preaching pastor at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, MI, a large community of nearly 6,000 members. All of his teachings, books, and films can be found here. He lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Some interviews

INTERVIEW: Introduction & What's Next

INTERVIEW: Brain Candy and Screens

INTERVIEW: Silence and the Still Glass

INTERVIEW: Twitter, Cliches and Iran

INTERVIEW: Virtual Community

INTERVIEW: The Four Questions




The Hidden Power

A film about how technology shapes us

Peanuts, Beer and Letting Go

A film about the art of preaching

The Ultimate Medium

A film about God's greatest creation - You



Selling Water By The River

A Book About the Life Jesus Promised and the Religion that Gets in the Way
Published: 2012

Flickering Pixels

How Technology Shapes Your Faith
Published: 2009

The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture

How Media Shapes Faith, the Gospel,
and Church
Published: 2006



  • $2.00

    The One Before the Zero

    Daniel 6


  • $2.00

    A Contest of Champions

    1 Samuel 17


  • $2.00

    Stay in the Boat

    Genesis 6-8


  • $2.00

    Broken Chains

    Acts 16:25-40


  • $2.00

    Falling Together

    Acts 16:16-24


  • $2.00

    Pass the Peace

    Acts 15


Leadership Podcast

The Third-Way Faith Podcast was recorded in 2006 and 2007. It focused on the challenges that leaders of the church face in a rapidly changing culture. With the help of some of my friends I explored issues of faith, culture, media, technology, and church. The title comes from a simple conviction; In a world weary of polarization between right and left, red and blue, liberal and conservative, there exists a third-way beyond, not just between these positions.



  • August



    Beyond the Box Interview

    I recently did a podcast interview with Raborn Johnson, from Beyond the Box: “Two guys thinking out loud about life beyond the box of institutional religion.”  We discuss life after Mars Hill, the book, and other things. From their website: “In this episode Shane Hipps joins Ray for a conversation [...]

  • February



    Was Jesus A Mystic?

    Recently I did a podcast interview on Homebrewed Christianity with Tripp Fuller about my latest book Selling Water by the River.  In the book I suggest that Jesus didn’t come to start a religion.  We had a delightful time discussing all the intricacies of Christianity, Christ, and Spiral Dynamics (a topic I will [...]

  • December



    Why Christ Doesn’t Need Christianity

    A Huffington Post Article: The long slow decline of religion in America has produced much hand wringing among Christians. The grief and anxiety are inevitable, but not entirely necessary. After all, Jesus didn’t come into this world to start a new religion. His stated purpose was actually to announce the [...]


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